CourseStage Broadway – March 2016


Optimize Your Storyline SCORM Packages

Storyline, Captivate, and other SCORM authoring software has no way to tell CourseStage what aspect ratio (if any) they will maintain. In practice, this has led to SCORM packages that appear to be floating in space. You can now fix this by telling the LMS what aspect ratio your package has. Just edit the SCORM settings and enter your aspect ratio (e.g., 4:3) in the Force Aspect Ratio field under Appearance. No more SCORMs floating in space.


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Customize Your Learning Plans

Now you can customize the landing pages of your learning plans with page-specific blocks. When adding a block to an LP landing page, simply choose “This specific page” from the Select Pages dropdown. You can use this method to add different images and descriptions to each of your learning plans.

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Set Course Certificate Defaults

If you use a lot of certificates in your courses, you’ll be glad to learn that certificates now have default settings. Choose the settings you typically use, and those settings will be applied to every new certificate you create. You’ll find the default settings under Site Administration > Plugins > Activity modules > Certificate. This change only applies to course certificates and not learning plan certificates.

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Auto-Award Course Certificates

Course creators now have the option to award certificates the moment learners earn them. Check the “Automatically Generate” box under Issue Options to automatically deliver the certificate as soon as it becomes available, without requiring learners to click the “Get Certificate” button. This change only applies to course certificates and not learning plan certificates.

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Show Quiz Grade (And Not Marks)

Marks on individual quiz questions are added together to give the final grade for the quiz. Now you can optionally show learners their grade on a quiz without showing the marks they earned on each question. This is useful if you want to keep hidden how many marks (points) each question is worth.

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Coordinators, Meet Cohorts

The default Coordinator role has been given additional permissions related to cohorts. Coordinators can now create, delete, and move cohorts, as well as add and remove users to and from individual cohorts.

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Progress Bars, Everywhere

If you’ve built courses by dragging and dropping files, you’ve probably seen the blue bars that let you watch your uploads as they happen. Now you’ll see those bars when uploading files using the File Picker too (not just when dragging and dropping).

Tag: File Picker

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