CourseStage Broadway – April 2016

New Aggregate PI Report

We’ve created a new administrative report to show the aggregate results for learners who have completed the performance assessments linked to the performance improvement report. By default, Administrators, course creators, teachers, and non-editing teachers have permission to view the new Aggregate PI Report tab within PI Reports. To view the report, click Generate Report and open the downloaded spreadsheet.

Tag: Reporting, Performance

Core/Expansion: Performance Improvement Expansion

Updated Course Completion Settings

Currently, there are two different ways to configure course completion.

  • Legacy course completion functionality is based on the gradebook. It requires students to achieve a final course grade in order to complete the course. 
  • The optional new course completion functionality offers a range of intuitive options for defining completion on a course. The functionality currently has to be enabled site wide and then in individual course settings.

With this change, we’ve made it possible to use the new course completion functionality with the transcript, course filter, and learning plans. If you are interested in using the new course completion functionality, please contact Web Courseworks for training, as there are significant configuration considerations that could affect AMS integrations.

Tag: Course Completion

Core/Expansion: Core

Fix to Self-Reported Learning Credit Display

Previously, Self-Reported Learning credits rounded down to the nearest integer on the Self-Reported Learning request review page and also on the transcript despite being saved as the full value. This occurred for custom fields formatted as a Number field. For example, 4.25 would appear as 4.00. Now, the full value appears for these fields.

Tag: Self-Reported Learning, Credits

Core/Expansion: Self-Reported Learning Expansion

Fix to Org Unit Creation

Previously, admin users were sometimes unable to create new org units. Now, we’ve fixed this issue and admin users are able to create new org units by following the path Site Administration > Plugins > Org Units > Unit Management > New Unit.

Tag: Org Unit

Core/Expansion: Hierarchy Expansion

Fix to Required Fields Display

Previously, some fields in the Billing Information section did not display the asterisk (*) to indicate to the user that it is required. Now, required fields correctly display the asterisk.

Tag: Billing

Core/Expansion: BoxOffice Expansion