CourseStage Broadway – May 2016

PagePro Block Region Widths Can be Adjusted

You now have more ability to customize the layout of pages in PagePro. Under Manage > Manage Page Settings, you can set the width of each region of the PagePro page: Left, Right, Middle, and Top.

Tag: PagePro

Core/Expansion: Core

Last Access Dates Sort Correctly for Learning Plans

Previously, if a user clicked on the Last Access column in the course filter to arrange courses and learning plans in descending or ascending order, courses were rearranged accurately but learning plans were not. Now, clicking the Last Access column correctly rearranges both courses and learning plans based on the last access date.

Tag: Learning Plan

Core/Expansion: Core

Correct Median Scores Now Appear on Aggregate Performance Improvement Report

Previously, if there was an even number of user scores on the Aggregate PI report, the Pre Median and Post Median displayed the middle two scores rather than calculating a median of the scores. Now, medians are correctly calculated on this report.

Tag: PI Report

Core/Expansion: Performance Improvement Expansion

Various Improvements to Reporting Framework

We have made numerous small improvements to the reporting framework.

  1. Canceling an edit to a schedule now properly displays the schedule’s name in the message text rather than the word Edit. This makes the edit message consistent with the wording that appears when saving or changing a schedule.
  2. New tasks no longer display an extraneous date in the Last Occurred column.
  3. Users no longer receive an error when exporting a file from the Manage Behaviors page.
  4. The Name field for an action on the Manage Actions or Manage Behaviors page is now a required field. Previously, users could save without indicating a name.
  5. On the Manage Schedules page, creating and saving a custom schedule now works as expected.

Tag: Reporting

Core/Expansion: Reporting Framework Expansion

Error Message No Longer Appears When Duplicating a Questionnaire

Previously, in some scenarios an error message appeared when duplicating a questionnaire. This was an unnecessary error message as the duplicate questionnaire created successfully. Now, this error message no longer appears.

Tag: Questionnaire

Core/Expansion: Core

Improved Questionnaire Activity Formatting

We have improved the spacing between the radio buttons for Yes/No questions and also the spacing between questions to make Questionnaires more intuitive and user-friendly.

Tag: Questionnaire

Core/Expansion: Core

Attendance Information No Longer Restored

Previously, when performing a backup/restore to courses, in certain scenarios it was possible that the attendance settings and sessions incorrectly restored. Now, attendance settings and sessions do not restore when performing a backup/restore to a course.

Tag: Attendance, Backup/Restore

Core/Expansion: Core

Certificate Activity Issue Options Help Text Added

We have added help icons and text to the Issue Options section of the Certificate Activity setup to make certificate setup easier to understand. The options in this section include Automatically Generate, Email Teachers, Email Others, Delivery, and Save Certificates. The added help text explains each option and the various ways to configure them.

Tag: Certificate

Core/Expansion: Core

User Transcripts No Longer Display Quiz Icons for Deleted Quiz Attempts

Previously, a user’s transcript displayed a quiz icon for a quiz attempt that was deleted. Clicking on this icon presented the user with an error page. Now, deleted quiz attempts no longer appear on the transcript, as expected.

Tag: Quiz, Transcript

Core/Expansion: Core

Training Transcripts Correctly Display Deleted User Information

Previously, if you enabled transcripts to show deleted users, the user appeared but his course and learning plans records did not appear on the Training Transcript. Now, when enabled to show deleted users, the Training Transcript properly displays the user and his course and learning plan records.

Tag: Transcript, Learning Plan

Core/Expansion: Core