CourseStage Broadway – June 2016

New Webservices to Enable Federated Search

We’ve created new webservices that allow you to gather information about the structure of courses and learning plans. This allows federated search: an external application can search the courses and learning plans available in CourseStage, and display CourseStage search results together with results from other sites. The external application can also manage courses and learning plans. All webservices incur maintenance and hosting fees; contact your account manager if you are interested in learning more.

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New Webservice for Importing Course Grades

We’ve created a new webservice that allows you to import grades from a previous LMS into CourseStage. This allows you to maintain users’ previous grades in courses taken in a different LMS. All webservices incur maintenance and hosting fees; contact your account manager if you are interested in learning more.

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Increased File Size Limit

We’ve increased the maximum file upload size to be 750MB. Previously this limit was 350MB, which might have caused issues when trying to backup and restore courses or upload large files.

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Media Player Improvements

We’ve made the following improvements to expand the media player’s compatibility with various types of media, especially YouTube videos:

  1. The YouTube filter now correctly embeds YouTube videos that use the shortened URLs in the form and
  2. Changes to support start time parameters in YouTube URLs, allowing you to set an embedded YouTube video to start at a particular time.
  3. Changes to support links to YouTube videos within playlists.
  4. Force use of SSL for all YouTube and Vimeo embeds.
  5. YouTube videos now use use transparent wmode setting.
  6. Added Firefox support for .mp4 files.
  7. Changes to prevent embedded videos from looping.
  8. Medialib: fix preload attribute.
  9. Medialib: Allow Vimeo fullscreen using links.
  10. Because the new Microsoft Edge browser does not yet support WebM and OGG video files, added an error message when attempting to play those types of files in Edge.

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Aggregate PI Report Enhancements

In our Performance Improvement module, we’ve made the following improvements to the Aggregate PI Report:

  • When exported to Excel, numeric values are formatted as numbers instead of text.
  • On the Aggregate Results tab, numbers are not converted to decimals.
  • Column headers in the individual results tab display the name of the metric.
  • For customer-defined user profile fields, “profile_field_” is no longer prepended to the name of the field.

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Core/Expansion: Performance Improvement Expansion

Added Performance Assessment Confirmation Message

In the Performance Improvement module, when adding new entries to a Performance Assessment activity, users have three options to save their work: Save and View, Save and add another, Submit and Finish. Clicking Submit and Finish saves all the user’s data and exits the Add Entry page, not allowing the user to change any of the information already entered.

To ensure users do not mistakenly submit unfinished entries, we’ve now added a confirmation message after clicking Submit and Finish. This message says, “Would you like to submit? You won’t be able to go back and change your information after clicking OK. To save without submitting, click Cancel and then choose Save.”

On the View List page, there is a similar Submit All Entries button. This new message also appears after clicking Submit All Entries.

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Core/Expansion: Performance Improvement Expansion

Enhanced PI Report Tab Options

In our Performance Improvement module’s PI Report, you can now specify which tabs users see and which tab is the default. The three available tabs are General, Specific, and Full Report. By default, users see all three tabs and the Full Report is the default tab.

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Core/Expansion: Performance Improvement Expansion

Filtering Users Not Included in a Cohort

We’ve added a new filter option to the Browse List of Users and Bulk User Actions administrative pages that allows you to filter by users not assigned to a cohort. Selecting the new Is Not Set option in the Cohort ID field will return all users not currently assigned to a cohort.

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