CourseStage Broadway – July 2016

Additional Webservices to Enable Federated Search

We’ve added a new webservice that allows you to gather information about the structure of activities within courses. This allows federated search: an external application can search the activities available in CourseStage, and display CourseStage search results together with results from other sites. All webservices incur maintenance and hosting fees; contact your account manager if you are interested in learning more.

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Core/Expansion: Core

Automated Enrollment and Cohorts for Sub Portals

This is a major expansion of functionality for Sub Portals. You can now enroll all sub-portal users in selected courses automatically. You simply “add” the course to the sub-portal, and all users in the sub-portal are automatically enrolled in the course from there. These enrollments are “synched”: if users are removed from the sub-portal, they are unenrolled from the course, and if the course is removed from the sub-portal, all the sub-portal users are unenrolled from the course.

In addition, users are automatically added to a cohort for the Sub Portal. When you update or delete the Sub Portal or add/remove users to the Sub Portal, the corresponding Cohort is also updated to reflect your changes. You can use this sub-portal cohort to do things like requiring users to belong to a sub-portal before they can self-enroll into a course, or even requiring users to belong to a sub-portal in order to buy a course through BoxOffice.

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Core/Expansion: Sub Portal Expansion

Adding Custom Fields to Transcripts

You can now include custom profile and self-reported learning fields in the user transcript and the site transcript. In the transcript report settings (Site administration > Plugins > Transcript > Report settings), we’ve added the Visible Custom Fields option to both the Site transcript report section and the User transcript report section. This option allows you to select the custom fields to appear directly on the transcript and the order in which they appear.

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Core/Expansion: Core

Updated Transcript Webservice

We’ve updated the default action of the transcript webservice to not return any results if a filter is invalid. Previously, invalid filters were not applied and all results were returned. All webservices incur maintenance and hosting fees; contact your account manager if you are interested in learning more.

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Core/Expansion: Core

PI Report Individual Results Tab Now Properly Populated

Previously, if the PI Report did not have a benchmark enabled, user data did not appear on the Individual Results tab of the report. Now, user data appears on the Individual Results tab regardless of whether a benchmark is enabled.

Tag: PI Report

Core/Expansion: Performance Improvement Expansion

Marking Courses as Complete During Bulk User Upload

You can now specify courses to mark as complete when uploading users in to the CourseStage LMS. This is useful when transitioning users from a different LMS. You can upload users into the CourseStage LMS and indicate the courses they completed in the previous LMS. The course is marked complete; however, the user does not receive duplicate credit in the new LMS.

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