CourseStage Broadway – February 2016

New WebEx Module

We’ve created a new integration with CISCO WebEx that allows users to join WebEx meetings directly from the CourseStage LMS. This integration offers reporting on webinar attendance via the LMS, enabling grading based on webinar attendance. Additionally, the session recording is saved in the CourseStage LMS.

Tag: WebEx, Integration

Core/Expansion: WebEx Expansion

New Sales Report

We’ve created a new report to provide details about the eCommerce transactions for your organization. This report includes the following details about each transaction:

  • Transaction Code
  • Transaction ID
  • Course ID
  • Client ID
  • Transaction Approval Date
  • Client Training Price
  • User Paid Amount
  • Training Price
  • User Email
  • User Full Name
  • Transaction Type
  • Training Title

Tag: Reports, Transactions

Core/Expansion: Sales Report Expansion

Enhanced Self-Reported Learning

We’ve improved the Self-Reported Learning module to be more customizable to better suit the needs of your organization. Notable improvements to this expansion include the following:

  • New custom fields allow you to determine what type of information is recorded for each self-reported learning entry. You can also customize the display name of fields, the order in which the fields appear, and whether fields are required. You can even make conditional fields, which appear and are required based on selection users make earlier in the form.
  • New categories option allows you to group similar fields together to make user entry more streamlined.
  • Ability to print user profile field data to the self-reported learning form.
  • Option to add on screen messages, such as disclaimers and instructions, to assist users submitting a self-reported learning entry.
  • Ability to specify how custom fields map to transcript fields.
  • Ability to auto-approve requests.

Tag: Self-Reported Learning

Core/Expansion: Core

Additional Custom Field Framework

While creating user profile, courses, learning plans, and other items within the CourseStage system, your organization might need to capture more information than the standard fields allow. To capture all the information vital to your organization, we’ve created a framework that allows you to create custom fields within CourseStage user profiles, courses, learning plans, and other LMS structures.

Tag: Profile, Courses, Learning Plans

Core/Expansion: Core

Use CourseStage to Set Limits on BoxOffice Enrollment

You can now use the CourseStage BoxOffice enrollment method (Course administration > Users > Enrollment methods > BoxOffice Enrollment (student)) to limit who can purchase a course through BoxOffice. If a course has an enrollment limitation that would prevent a user from purchasing a course, a message now appears to the user in BoxOffice indicating the reason, and the purchase is blocked. Examples include:

  • Setting a maximum enrollment for a course
  • Requiring that users belong to a Cohort in order to purchase a course
  • Setting enrollment dates

Tag: Enrollment, BoxOffice

Core/Expansion: BoxOffice Expansion