CourseStage Broadway – August 2016

Drag and Drop Files in PagePro Courses

You can now drag and drop files to courses using the PagePro format, similar to the existing drag and drop functionality for courses using the Topics format. This new drag and drop feature helps streamline course development in PagePro. Just click the Turn Editing On button like you’re used to doing, and you’ll see the drag-and-drop area on-screen.

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Performance Improvement Report Now Displays Quiz Data

We’ve hooked quizzes up to the performance improvement report! That means the Performance Improvement Report can now act as a learning-facing, graphical pre-post report that can be based on overall quiz scores or on scores on selected questions on the pre- and post-tests. You can now configure the Performance Improvement Report to display quiz questions in addition to performance assessments. When a quiz is included in a pre- or post-assessment, the Graph tab on the Graph Settings page for the PI report displays the names of the quiz questions in the Pre-assessment Data and Post-assessment Data dropdown for each metric. Each quiz question type, except essay questions, generates a grade, which is included in the calculation for each metric. The PI Report continues to function as a great solution for MOC/OCC Part IV (PI-CME) using the performance assessment report.

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Core/Expansion: Performance Improvement Expansion

Viewing Averages in Performance Improvement Report

We’ve enhanced the Performance Improvement report to easily show you the averages of multiple fields. You can now select multiple fields or quiz questions and the metric reports will display an average value for the items you selected.

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Core/Expansion: Performance Improvement Expansion

Customizing Enrollment Expiration Emails

You can now customize the email users receive when a course they are enrolled in is about to expire. You can customize the subject and body of the email, including adding tokens to pull in personalized information such as the course name and the user’s name.

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SCORM Files Now Play as Expected in Internet Explorer 11

Previously, if using Internet Explorer 11, SCORM files might not have played as expected. SCORMs worked as expected using other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. Now, we’ve resolved an issue related to a Microsoft security patch that was affecting SCORM playback so that SCORMs play as expected when using Internet Explorer 11.


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Fix to Respect Learning Plan Close Dates

Previously, users enrolled in Learning Plans were still able to access course content after the Learning Plan close date had passed. Now, users are unenrolled from courses in a Learning Plan after the close date has passed.

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