CourseStage Broadway – September 2016

Course Template Functionality

We have created a simpler, faster course creation process around the concept of building courses from pre-made templates. This is more efficient than the previous backup-restore method of replicating courses (although backup-restore still exists!) Users can save the templates they made for their courses and apply them to other courses. You can use a “save as” button to make a course into a template, and you can create new courses from templates at the click of a button. You can use this feature to save common course configurations and streamline course development for less experienced users. Advanced users have a Template Management screen to quickly create templates from existing course backups.

Tag: PagePro, Template

Core/Expansion: Core

Context-Sensitive Help Buttons

We have added clickable question marks on the pre-post reports that provide more information about the settings. They will currently provide more information about standard deviation, reliability, t-tests, r, Cohen’s d, and more detail on how the measures on the report are calculated.

Tag: Help Buttons, Statistics

Core/Expansion: CourseStage HEALTH

Logo Images in Subportals

Previously, there was an issue with “phantom” logos showing up in the headers of subportals. This was because the subportal was inheriting the logo of the parent portal regardless of the settings of the subportal. Now themes in subportals will display properly.

Tag: Subportals, Themes

Core/Expansion: Sub-portals Module