CourseStage Broadway – November 2016

Enrollment Approval Plugin

Users can now receive requests from students to be added to courses. The students aren’t automatically enrolled; the user has to approve of the request before the student is enrolled in the course.

Tag: CourseStage, enrollment

Core/Expansion: Add-On

Integrate CourseStage with DominKnow Flow

This new feature allows users to transfer SCORM content directly from DominKnow Flow to CourseStage without the user having to download and upload a SCORM package. Course developers are able to make a change to a SCORM package in DominKnow Flow, then click a button and have the SCORM be "live" on the LMS without having to download and re-upload. This saves CourseStage users time and button presses.

Tag: CourseStage, DominKnow Flow

Core/Expansion: Add-On

Re-Enrolling Users and Keeping Their Data

In Broadway, when students were removed from a course, their progress in the course was wiped out. But now, when users can manually re-enroll the student in the course, there is an option to "Recover user's old grades". It’s useful to have the grade recovery feature without requiring a new student enrollment be made.

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Core/Expansion: Core

Create BoxOffice Product from CourseStage

Users can now publish a course to BoxOffice straight from CourseStage. Users can specify a price for the course from within CourseStage rather than having to set the price through BoxOffice. Users can specify whether the product will be disabled (not yet available for purchase) on BoxOffice or enabled (immediately available for purchase.) Course information including title, description, and course image get transferred to BoxOffice product page automatically. Publishing a course that is already published to BoxOffice overwrites the information for the existing product after the user accepts a warning message in order to maintain a one-to-one relationship between BoxOffice product and CourseStage course.

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