CourseStage Broadway – January 2017

Course Calendar Event Reminders

CourseStage has long had the ability to enable calendars into their courses. But now, administrators can tie email reminders to learners to those events. The reminders take the form of ICS attachments that work with Outlook, Google, or any other calendar program that is compatible with ICS. Learners can also enable calendar invites from events they make themselves.

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Advanced Credit Claiming

Certain accreditors have strict requirements around how users can claim credits for certain types of learning activities. For example, ACCME might require learners to claim CME for live activities in quarters of an hour, while another accreditor reportedly requires learners to claim credits in hundredths (!) of an hour (fun fact: one hundredth of an hour is 36 seconds). Additionally, organizations sometimes need learners to claim credit separately for each session at a live event. The new Advanced Credit Claiming Module allows administrators to place multiple credit-claiming opportunities into a single course, enabling multi-session activities within one courses. Learners can be given the option to select the number of credits they’d like to claim for each credit type. Administrators can set a maximum number of credits available for each credit type they offer in the module, then have the total of all those credits be awarded on the transcript and course certificate.

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Filter Transcripts by Custom Profile Fields

You can now filter the training transcript report by custom profile fields. If you have custom user profile field configured on CourseStage, just go to the training transcript report and use the User Profile Field filter. For example, you might tag a learner as being an “employee” or “manager” and then filter to the transcript data of learners tagged as managers.

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Multiple Assessments on PI Report

Sometimes learners could use a report that combines results from multiple assessments. Users can now enable CourseStage to report on multiple quizzes on a single PI report. The report can include the scores for any selection of individual questions on any quiz in the course, enabling outcome reporting on multiple quizzes.

Tag: Performance Improvement

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Multiple Cohorts on Multiple Plugins

Sometimes it’s beneficial to separate learners into cohorts in order to develop a curriculum that best addresses their educational needs. However, a course that’s useful for one cohort might also be useful for another cohort. We understand this, and as a result, users are now able to select multiple cohorts in every course enrollment method that uses cohorts, including cohort sync, self-enrollment, and BoxOffice. Previously, administrators had to set up a separate enrollment method for each cohort.

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