CourseStage Broadway – April 2017

New Sitewide Evaluation Report

To meet accreditation requirements and analyze learner perceptions, CourseStage clients frequently wish to pull together all questionnaire/evaluation reporting in a single report. Another common request is the ability to aggregate evaluation responses for faculty members who teach in multiple courses. And accreditors often link these reporting requirements to credits awarded.

Our new sitewide evaluation report allows you to do all of these things. You can aggregate responses from any set of questionnaires in the system and pull in credit claims from any set of courses. The evaluation report uses the question text to calculate statistics, so if you have standard evaluations that ask the same questions in multiple courses, you can get aggregate reporting on those questions. You can easily select all the questionnaires in one course (such as a live meeting course with multiple evaluations), a course category, or the entire system.

The report performs analysis and data compilation that you might previously have been compiling in Excel, such as:

  • Average scores for questions that have numeric responses, such as Rate (Likert scale) questions
  • Scores for faculty questions that have numeric responses, broken out by each faculty member
  • Total amounts of credits of different types awarded in the selected courses
  • List of all responses to all questions on all included questionnaires
The evaluation report is an add-on module, so please contact your account manager if you would like to learn more.

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Advanced Course Completion feature now allows for failed courses

The advanced course completion feature allows course designers to define more complex sets of requirements for completing courses, but it did not previously have a concept of passing and failing courses. Some of our clients do allow learners to fail courses, so we’ve now developed this capability. As with legacy course completion, the “cut score” for passing the course is defined in the Gradebook (Course Admin > Grades), by turning editing on and editing the top-level settings.

Advanced course completion now calculates pass/fail and complete/incomplete based on the following rules:

Keep in mind that advanced course completion is enabled by a sitewide setting that changes how completion works in all of your courses. Let us know if you’re interested in using it, and we’ll walk you through the implications.

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New quiz feedback option: Build on last

Clients sometimes want to let a learner multiple take a quiz more than once, and learn from their previous mistakes. We’ve built a new quiz behavior, Build on Last, that lets a learner get multiple attempts on a quiz and see both their previous answers and whether those answers were correct or incorrect. Note that this feature only works with multiple choice, short answer, and true/false question types. To use it, try these Quiz Settings:

  • Grade > Attempts allowed > Unlimited (or anything more than on)
  • Question behavior > How questions behave > Build on last
  • Each attempt builds on the last > Yes

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Learning Plan certificates can now be emailed to users

If you use learning plan certificates, you can now have them automatically emailed to users (which has been possible with course certificates for a long time). To use this feature, click on Certificate in the learning plan landing page, and then click the check-box for email this certificate. Users will receive the email after they earn the certificate.

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Custom course fields can now appear on the training transcript report

Some clients track additional data about their courses using custom course fields. These fields can now appear on the training transcript report. This allows you to use custom courses with filters on the training transcript report. So, for example, if you were tracking a subject matter area (such as specialty) using custom course fields, you could use the training transcript report to create a report showing learning completions in courses relating to that specialty. These settings must be enabled by Web Courseworks, so talk to your account manager if you are interested in exploring them.

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