The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage Broadway LMS in March 2018:

  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed a display issue for embedded SCORMs in PagePro courses where a scrollbar was rendered and the display area wasn’t able to be resized
  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed a bug in custom User Profile fields that was showing an error string to Coordinators after editing
  • [CORE: FIXES] Removed unused div tags in quiz navigation block
  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed a bug that appeared during system processing if response tab was not selected after taking an evaluation
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENT] Added a new setting to Sub-courses to allow for equivalency. Users that pass the equivalent course will now be marked as complete for the course containing the equivalency setting. The new option marks the sub-course activity as complete when the student meets the course completion requirements of the course that the sub-course activity references.
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENT] Added ability to see closed BoxOffice orders via the CourseStage Sales Report generated on the LMS.
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENT] Added ability to add .woff2 font files to client themes.
  • [EXTENSION: SELF-REPORTED LEARNING MODULE] Fixed a bug where assigning a proctor to a SRL was causing submission documents to not show


The following changes have been applied to CourseStage BoxOffice in March 2018:

  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed a bug introduced by Magento’s SUPEE patches that caused session issues for users logging in
  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed a bug in the web service where the Item ID wasn't being included in the Credit Memo response
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENT] Added closed BoxOffice orders to the Sales Report webservice to be able to be consumed by the LMS.