The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage Broadway LMS in April 2018:

  • [CORE: FIXES] Removed a debug notice when adding a self-enrollment method to a course
  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed a theme issue that caused debug notices for CSS elements that were not set
  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed an issue where user groups in courses would not show roles other than “student”
  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed a redirect issue when switching from “Simple View” to “Full View” in the course gradebook
  • [CORE: WCAG COMPLIANCE] Added document titles to PDFs uploaded into courses
  • [CORE: WCAG COMPLIANCE] Fixed form field labels that were not set to be unique
  • [CORE: WCAG COMPLIANCE] Updated CSS values to be relative
  • [CORE: WCAG COMPLIANCE] Fixed an issue where colors in a BODY element were not pushed through to sub-elements
  • [CORE: WCAG COMPLIANCE] Corrected empty headings in several locations
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENT] Updated quiz benchmarking to not show for unneeded descriptions/ question information
  • [EXTENSION: CALENDAR EVENT REMINDERS] Fixed an issue that caused a database error when saving Calendar Event Reminders
  • [EXTENSION: SUB-PORTALS] Fixed an issue with new sub-portals that caused the Welcome message to display incorrect content
  • [EXTENSION: SELF-REPORTED LEARNING] Fixed an issue where dates were set to be mandatory but not require the user to enter them
  • [EXTENSION: ADOBE CONNECT] Added a button to allow users to return to the course from the Webinar easily


The following changes have been applied to CourseStage BoxOffice in April 2018:

  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed a bug where the Captcha was not displaying in the “Contact Us” form