The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage Broadway LMS in May 2018:

  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed an issue where select/deselect all questions did not work on quiz creation page
  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed an issue preventing the use of the survey activity
  • [CORE: FIXES] Addressed a bug where new activities create “not attempted” transcript records in some cases
  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed a bug causing erroneous error message for some required field nag messages
  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed overlapping text in some labels when zoomed in
  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed a redirection issue when navigating from “full view” to “simple view” in the course gradebook
  • [CORE: FIXES] Corrected a spelling issue in course template error message popups
  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed a bug where “strict validation of username field” was allowing spaces
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENTS] Added functionality to line wrap for long Learning Plan/Course names in dropdowns
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENTS] Added additional handling of transcript batch sizes for system processed write-backs via integrations
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENTS] Added option to hide any “Not Attempted” course records on the transcript
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENTS] Added an option to create Sub-course enrollment methods automatically when a sub-course is added
  • [EXTENSION: PI REPORT] Fixed an issue with long field names causing an error
  • [EXTENSION: COURSESTAGE HEALTH] Fixed a bug preventing download of the site-wide item analysis report
  • [EXTENSION: PARS REPORT] Fixed an issue where the activity type was always showing as “C” despite default setting
  • [EXTENSION: INSTRUCTOR EVALUATION] Fixed an issue where certain evaluation question types included users in the course