The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage Carnegie LMS in December 2018:

  • [EXTENSION: SELF-REPORTERD LEARNING] Added the ability to automatically assign submissions to specific roles for review.
  • [EXTENSION: SELF-REPORTERD LEARNING] Fixed a bug where reviewers were unable to reassign submissions to other reviewers in certain scenarios.
  • [EXTENSION: SUB-PORTALS] Added the ability to send an email using the Sub-portal Management interface to invite a user to join a Sub-portal.
  • [EXTENSION: SUB-PORTALS] Added simple reporting capabilities to Sub-portal managers. This is stage 1 of a multi-stage feature, with additional enhancements to follow.
  • [EXTENSION: PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT REPORT] Ported the Performance Improvement Module from Broadway.
  • [EXTENSION: PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT REPORT] Fixed a bug where a coordinator would need to access the Administration block for some settings.
  • [CORE: FORUMS] Fixed posting threshold warning behavior when a user was posting too frequently.
  • [CORE: CREDIT CLAIMING] Fixed some minor bugs uncovered while regressing the Credit Claiming activity. If you previously noticed any unusal behavior, please verify that your issue has been addressed.
  • [CORE: CREDIT CLAIMING] Fixed a bug that was preventing credits from being generated on course completion in some cases.
  • [CORE: CERTIFICATES] Added the ability to use custom course fields on certificates.
  • [CORE: CERTIFICATES] FFixed the option in the Certificate module to hide the variable if there was no data.
  • [CORE: QUESTIONNAIRE] Fixed a bug that led the user to an empty page after submitting a questionnaire in PagePro courses in some scenarios.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: QUIZ] Added additional user-facing results upon a quiz submission.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: CATALOG] Added the ability to add breadcrumbs to the Coursestage Catalog pages.


The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage Broadway LMS in December 2018:

  • [EXTENSION: SUB-PORTALS] Fixed a bug that prevented some Sub-portal users from appearing on the Training Transcript for Sub-portal Administrators.
  • [EXTENSION: BENCHMARKING] Fixed an error that would show if a Coordinator submitted a quiz when Benchmarking was enabled.
  • [CORE: COHORTS] Fixed a bug that prevented empty cohorts from displaying no results when filtered in the Training Transcript.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: CREDITS] Added the ability to provide a remote code for credits in courses for clients using credit write backs to an external system.


The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage BoxOffice platform in December 2018:

  • [CORE: REPORTING] Added additional transactional details to the Sales Transaction Detail report.