The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage Carnegie LMS in January 2019:

  • [CORE: VIDEO PLAYBACK] Fixed an issue preventing some videos from playing on Safari browsers.
  • [CORE: TRAINING TRANSCRIPT] Fixed an issue preventing exports of the transcript in mobile responsive view.
  • [CORE: QUESTIONNAIRE] Fixed a bug in PagePro that was sending users to an empty page after submitting their answers.
  • [CORE: CERTIFICATE] Fixed a bug where setting the option to skip the interim page was causing templates to not restore.
  • [CORE: SCORM] Fixed a bug where SCORM presentations were not displaying properly in a course block.
  • [EXTENSION: INTEGRATION FRAMEWORK] Fixed an issue where the integration framework wasn’t updating all profile fields correctly on SSO.
  • [EXTENSION: SELF-REPORTED LEARNING] Fixed a bug where the “You have unreviewed submissions” message would not be removed after reviewing open submissions until the page was refreshed.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: CATALOG] Added the ability to use quotation marks in catalog product searches.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: SUB-PORTALS] Added new functionality to Sub-portals, including user reporting and management features. Please contact your Account Manager if you would like additional details.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: SCORM] Added the ability to maintain the aspect ratio and hide scrollbars when displayed in a block.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: EXTERNAL CREDIT ACTIVITY] Added an activity that allows credit data to be pushed into courses via a remote system.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: CERTIFICATE] Added the ability to customize the verbiage in the system email that is generated when certificates are set to be emailed to users.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: CERTIFICATE] Added the ability to add the certificate background directly to the template, removing the option for manually uploading it in each certificate activity. Please contact Web Courseworks Support if you would like to leverage this option.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: PARS] Ported the PARS reporting suite from Broadway.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: QUIZ PROCTORING] Added the ability to collect proctor information while using proctored quizzes.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: TRAINING TRANSCRIPT] Added the ability to toggle availability the exporting option in the user view of the transcript.



The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage Broadway LMS in January 2019:

  • [CORE: USER PROFILES] Fixed a bug that prevented saving profiles when strict validation of profile fields setting was enabled.
  • [CORE: SUBCOURSE] Fixed an issue that wouldn’t allow for the “require sub course completion” option to be unchecked after it was set.
  • [CORE: LOCALIZATION] Fixed a string that was using the British spelling of “Enrol” in the sub-course enrollment method.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: CORE] Added a public-facing site repository to place items that non-logged in users should be able to access.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: QUESTIONNAIRE] Added an option to rename the “Submit” button.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: QUIZ] Added an option to force a quiz preview after successful submission.



No updates or changes have been applied to CourseStage BoxOffice in January 2019.