The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage Carnegie LMS in March 2019:

  • [CORE: NAVIGATION] Fixed an issue where breadcrumbs weren't being shown to users for some reporting pages.
  • [CORE: NAVIGATION] Fixed a redirect error when attempting to click on/manage enrollment methods via the UI.
  • [CORE: GLOBAL SEARCH] Fixed an error shown if a guest selected the "courses" dropdown as a search criterion.
  • [CORE: REPORTING] Fixed an error that was shown when attempting to generate the User Report.
  • [EXTENSION: INTEGRATIONS] Fixed a bug where users weren't being unenrolled from courses if an order was cancelled via the AMS.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: FILE STORAGE] Added SFTP locations as an option to file storage for automated report deliveries.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: H5P] Updated H5P plugin to the latest version.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: SELF-REPORTED LEARNING] Added ability for SRL to write credits to the transcript.



The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage Broadway LMS in March 2019:

  • [CORE: NAVIGATION] Fixed a bug that prevented the "Truncate breadcrumbs" option from working properly.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: TRANSCRIPT] Updates to transcript exporting to allow better/more efficient handling of large transcripts.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: SUB-COURSE] Added option to suspend a user from a sub-course when suspended/unenrolled from the parent course.
  • [IMPROVEMENT: BROWSE USERS] Added improvements to the "browse list of users" page.



No changes have been applied to CourseStage BoxOffice in March 2019.