The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage Carnegie LMS in April 2019:

  • [CORE: REPORTING] Fixed an issue preventing coordinators from accessing the Usage Report
  • [CORE: ROLES] Fixed a bug where custom roles were unable to access the site-wide transcript
  • [CORE: ROLES] Added the ability to assign a system-wide role upon manual user creation
  • [CORE: PAGEPRO] Fixed a bug where restrict access settings were causing an error for users
  • [EXTENSION: CREDIT CLAIM] Fixed an issue with bulk uploading of credits
  • [EXTENSION: CATALOG] Fixed an issue with incorrect URLs generated for custom pages inn Global Search
  • [EXTENSION: CATALOG] Fixed an issue where visibility settings for products were not being set properly
  • [IMPROVEMENT: BLOCKS] Added a new, fully customized block renderer that can contain other elements of the system
  • [IMPROVEMENT: PERSONALIZED QUIZ] Ported the Personalized Quiz enhancement to Carnegie
  • [IMPROVEMENT: LEARNING JOURNAL] Ported the Learning Journal enhancement to Carnegie
  • [IMPROVEMENT: ADOBE CONNECT] Ported the Adobe Connect plugin to Carnegie


The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage Broadway LMS in April 2019:

  • [CORE: ENROLLMENTS] Fixed a bug where enrollment keys were not working for groups in the self-enrollment method
  • [EXTENSION: EVALUATION REPORT] Fixed a bug with the credits tab in the Site Wide Evaluation Report
  • [EXTENSION: LEARNING JOURNAL] Fixed a bug where the Learning Journal filters were not redirecting properly


The following changes have been applied to CourseStage BoxOffice in April 2019:

  • [CORE: REPORTING] Fixed a bug in the webservice that was causing an error between BoxOffice and the LMS when retrieving sales report data
  • [CORE: SECURITY] Applied SUPEE-11086 patch for increased security and stability