The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage Carnegie LMS in November 2019:

  • [CORE: LEGACY FILES] Legacy files can be accessed through the Site Administration menu.
  • [CORE: AUTO ENROLL] Auto enroll page has fixed the spelling of enroll.
  • [CORE: SUB-COURSE] Improved searching when looking for a course for a sub-course.
  • [CORE: SELF-ENROLLMENT] Self-enrollment has a bypass enrollment function to allow self-enrolled users to not see a must enroll dialog.
  • [CORE: COURSE REATTEMPT] Course administrators can setup course reattempt options for courses.
  • [CORE: CATALOG] Ability to resize the product thumbnail temporarily to view image and quick actions on the manage products page for ease of access.
  • [CORE: USER PROFILE] Users who note 2 letter state abbreviations will be converted to the correct state.
  • [CORE: COURSE TEMPLATES] When created courses from the manage templates page, the template list will pre-select the template clicked on with the ability to change to a different template.
  • [CORE: COURSE TEMPLATES] Improvements and fixes with using and accessing course templates and add search feature when selecting template.
  • [CORE: BULK COURSES] Administration users will be able to bulk add courses.
  • [CORE: SITE-WIDE QUESTION BANK] Site-wide question bank is accessible through the site administration menu.
  • [CORE: ADMINISTRATION BLOCK] The administration block now has a search function.
  • [CORE: CUSTOM COURSE FIELDS] Quick actions symbols appear correct on the manage custom course fields page.
  • [CORE: QUESTIONNAIRE] Using the open and/or close dates on questionnaires does not show a error message.
  • [CORE: EVALUATION REPORT] Evaluation report naming improvements.
  • [PLUGIN: ZOOM INTEGRATION] Fixed typo errors.
  • [PLUGIN: EVALUATION REPORT] If instructor testing is checked, an instructor role must be provided in the settings otherwise a error message will appear.
  • [PLUGIN: MOBILE APP] Improved AMS redirect based on the user's access to the LMS.
  • [PLUGIN: NOTIFICATIONS] Scheduled notifications can now be based on relative dates and times.


The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage Broadway LMS in November 2019:

  • [CORE: SUB-PORTAL] Sub-portal limit messages are present when adding users to a sub-portal and the user limit has been met.
  • [CORE: REPORTING] exporting quiz report will not show error messages.
  • [CORE: REPORTING] Evaluation reports now recognizing credits setup in the course and the credit tabs will not users who are enrolled into the course but have not claimed any credits.
  • [CORE: LOG OUT] Users will not be redirected back to the LMS when logging out in a certain way.
  • [CORE: BLOCK PERMISSIONS]  Admin users will be able to add and remove permissions for roles to view certain blocks.
  • [CORE: PASSWORD RESETS] Improved presentation of password reset emails.


The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage BoxOffice platform in November 2019:

  • [SECURITY: TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION (2FA)] Two factor authentication will be required for administrator accounts to improve security.