The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage Carnegie LMS in January 2020:

  • [CORE: SUB-COURSE] Using enrollment key on a sub-course works correctly.
  • [CORE: PAGEPRO] New PagePro courses will maintain their order during a backup and restore as well in a template.
  • [CORE: CERTIFICATES] Certificates using reporting framework display the correct date.
  • [CORE: QUESTIONNAIRE] Questionnaire email feature is sending emails correctly.
  • [CORE: PAGEPRO] General improvements and fixes of functionality of PagePro courses.
  • [CORE: COURSE SETTINGS] The Manage fields and categories pages up and down arrows work consistently.
  • [CORE: USER MANAGEMENT] Profiles can be limited on what characters are allowed in a users name.
  • [CORE: CATALOG] Improvements and fixes with the quick actions icons.
  • [CORE: QUIZ] Coordinators will be able to over-ride quiz attempts scores.
  • [CORE: QUIZ] Quizzes can have a timer warning set for timed quizzes.
  • [CORE: THEME] The theme can be changed to have the page header scroll with the page.
  • [PLUGIN: SUB-PORTAL] Administration users can restrict activities based on sub-portal assignment.
  • [PLUGIN: SUB-PORTAL/CORE: COHORT ENROLLMENT METHODS] Sub-portal and cohort enrollment will not be removed by the LMS.
  • [PLUGIN: PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT REPORT] General improvements and fixes with the Performance Improvement report module.


The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage Broadway LMS in January 2020:

  • [CORE: SITE WIDE ITEM ANALYSIS REPORT] Improvement and fixes of the Site wide item analysis report.
  • [PLUGIN: SELF-REPORTED LEARNING] Setup of a Default report tab is now required when adding a Self-reported Learning module to a course.


The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage BoxOffice platform in January 2020:

  • [SECURITY: IMPROVEMENTS] Coordinators are now required to regularly change passwords.
  • [SECURITY: IMPROVEMENTS] General improvements to the BoxOffice security.