The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage Carnegie LMS in October 2020:

  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed a bug in the system where an error would occur when the eCommerce adapter was disabled.
  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed Cron expectations on Carnegie Staging.
  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed issues related to changed Face-to-Face activity into Live Training Event.
  • [CORE: FIXES] Reconfigured table format so large tables no longer extend off the main page area.
  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed an error that would occur on 4 column templates displays.
  • [CORE: FIXES] Allow for landscape PDFs to be properly displayed.
  • [CORE: FIXES] Fixed a bug that prevented a user from being redirected back to a filtered user's profile after their transcript was viewed.
  • [CORE: FIXESFixed a bug that prevented the correct sub-portal logo from appearing when a user was not logged in.
  • [CORE: FIXESFixed a bug that prevented downloading a file from a file storage list.
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENTS] Improved stability of PagePro activates and manual completion of activities
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENTS] Improved security by redirecting users to the edit page when profile revalidation is required
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENTS] Users now receive a message when their account is locked
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENTS] Now able to add a header and footer to email notifications. This can be used to add an unsubscribe link to direct a user to their notification preferences.
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENTS] Added new variable to display 'date viewed' of a certificate
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENTS] Updated to support PHP 7.2
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENTS] Able to receive an email notification for course completion
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENTS] Add eCommerce cached orders reporting report.
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENTS] Turned off unnecessary alert notifications on the screen when products are saved by default.
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENTS] Improved core code stability.
  • [CORE: IMPROVEMENTS] Users can create custom pages without specifying a breadcrumb
  • [EXTENSION: AUTOMATED MESSAGEING] Fixed an error when duplicating an automated notification
  • [EXTENSION: AUTOMATED MESSAGEING] Fixed an issue with automated messaging that would send duplicates after sending a notification to a user for a second time


The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage Broadway LMS in October 2020:

  • None


The following changes have been applied to the CourseStage BoxOffice platform in October 2020:

  • None