Google Chrome blocking Mixed Content Downloads Update:

Google Chrome is making a change in January 2021 that may affect your end users’ ability to access non-HTTPS downloads or images started on secure pages within CourseStage:  

  1. Images
     If a user is viewing a secure webpage (HTTPS), and if any of the content displayed as part of the webpage is hosted on a non-secure link (HTTP), then the content (for example, image or video) will be displayed as a broken image.
     If a user is viewing a secure webpage (HTTPS), if there is a download link or attachment in the webpage, and if the corresponding content is hosted on a non-secure site (HTTP or FTP only), then clicking on the link will result in error.

This will impact any CourseStage clients that embed externally hosted content into their courses and may include images, journal articles, videos, SCORM packages, and more. You are responsible for ensuring any embedded content is displaying if you are adding it into CourseStage from an external site. Please review your externally hosted content to ensure it is being hosted on HTTPS webpages.